Tommy Bahama

The Legend

Known for his charm, wit and perpetual tan, Tommy Bahama embodies the island life. An intrepid traveler, he speaks nine languages fluently and can flirt in dozens more. Once, he caught a 200-pound yellowfin using only a coconut shell, some broken sunglasses and the drawstring from his swim trunks.

The Truth

The legendary Tommy Bahama is just that: A legend, the personification of an idyllic life. Inspired by the refined, unhurried attitude of coastal life, the founders created the character to define the very essence of the brand. Even though, they let the ¬†fictional namesake’s debonair lifestyle guide almost every decision.

What started with printed silk shirts and tailored pants quickly evolved into complete lines of apparel and products centered on the good life for both men and women. Everything that bears the Tommy Bahama name is designed with an unwavering eye on quality.

To this day, important decisions are influenced by asking, “What would Tommy Bahama do?”

-Tommy Bahama



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