‘Founded in 1997, Quartz Co. is known in Canada and around the world for the quality of its winter parkas that are warm, light and perfectly designed for cold winter weather.

The year 2015 marks an important turning point for the company, when it was sold to brothers, Jean-Philippe and François-Xavier Robert, who see Quartz Co. as a company with exceptional know-how and potential. All parkas are crafted in Canada, one of world’s harshest urban climates. The brand is equally inspired by a city lifestyle and nature’s beautiful, forceful elements. For more than 20 years, Quartz Co. parkas have been worn in extreme weather conditions and in cities worldwide.

The company is proud of its Canadian roots and strives to bring Canada’s premium craftmanship all over the globe. Quartz Co. products are available in 20 countries including France, Germany, Japan, Korea, Norway & Switzerland.’