Marcoliani Milano Socks

‘Luxury Italian socks since 1947.

Marcoliani has been manufacturing luxury socks since the 1950s, and today is still an example of Italian excellence. The production is totally made in Italy and can combine the uniqueness of handmade products with high tech innovation. Our products are expression of sophistication and style, are made with the finest yarns and undergo strict quality control.

Marcoliani socks are the result of an almost obsessive search for quality. Our production is based on the innovative interaction between craftsmanship and high-tech. The cuff is made with controlled tension so that socks can fit without being tight; the heel and tip are reinforced with a Nylon thread, while the leg length is the result of the careful study of proportions, so to ensure perfect wearability.

The quality of Marcoliani socks comes, first of all, from the choice of fine and superior yarns. Our fresh and light cotton is only Pima Cotton from Peru. Our wool, soft and very fine, is only Extrafine Merino Wool. And last, our fine Cashmere, sometimes mixed with silk, is the secret to light knits that are extremely soft and shiny.’

-Marcoliani Milano